A unique piece

Do you already have a technical drawing of your design, or is the idea running round your head? Do you want a spare plastic part for a machine?

As market leader and expert in one of a kind pieces and small series, Clem can answer your call.

In a first meeting, we listen to your wishes and give you input about feasability and design optimisation.
We can convert your idea into 3D-design and start the reflection on the production process. Vacuumforming/drape forming, milling, bending, assembly, ... or a combination of different techniques will result in a the best product.

A unique piece or a small batch of pieces. During the development of a product, this is often a necessity.
A unique piece can stay unique, but it does not have to stop there. The unique piece can become a mass produced piece. Clem keeps thinking and developing with you.
Shaping that prototype , or exclusive piece which you have been working on for a long time, that is where Clem excells in. Clem innovates, without forgetting the carftsmanship that made us to what we are.

We push boundaries, together with our clients in order to achieve fenomenal results.
If you want to give your idea all the possibilities it deserves, come see us at Clem.

No challenge is too big or small. Our specialists, engineers and craftsmanship will turn your dream into reality.
Helping you stand out! That’s our mission.

Unique parts made by Clem: